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Keep up to date with all the latest news happening in school at the moment.

  • British Science Week

    Fri 15 Mar 2024 Year 4

    As part of British Science Week, Year 3 and 4 were treated to a Wacky Science Party. As soon as we went in the presenter told us to put safety ‘googlies’ on. After telling us a few jokes, he accidentally pressed a gas canister into some water- a fire emerged, this was my favourite bit. With his wind bazooka, he blew tissue rolls all over us - this was so funny. Some of us were covered! I enjoyed listening to the liquid dog bark. Then with some help he made his own pet - I named my new slimy friend ‘Blob.’ Finally we had a challenge where we raced against him to see whose rocket would fly the highest. We won and he told us we are 'Professional DNA scientists!’



  • Showing Racism the Red Card

    Wed 13 Mar 2024

    Y5 spent a very informative day at Huddersfield Town Football Club discussing issues concerning racism and stereotyping. Our young ambassadors spoke with sensitivity and maturity, impressing the Huddersfield Town coaches and players. They were given a signed Show Racism the Red Card t-shirt and the girls were able to show off our new sports  kit on the pitch!


  • SOUP

    Fri 09 Feb 2024

    Today we had our SOUP event. We raised around £205 and each class did a pitch about what the money should be spent on. Some suggestions included a buddy bench, stationery sets and programmable robots.

    Year 6 won with over 60 votes. Their proposal was about buying some multi-sports tables.

    The purpose of SOUP is to help children understand what we mean by ‘democracy’ and to understand how we vote. Children also get the chance to speak in front of an audience which is an important life skill. Thank you to Mrs Farid and Mrs Makda for making the soup. It was delicious!

  • PLPS Girls U11 (Y5 & Y6) Tournament

    Fri 09 Feb 2024 Hajra, Zainab and Maimoonah (Y6)

    ‘On Thursday 8th February our team of Y5/6 girls took part in an inter school tournament in spite of the weather! The football games were amazing! We all tried to work together and we scored many goals. It was really good fun! I made new friends and even though some of them lost their games, we still cheered them on. I hope to go back one day. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity!’

  • Coffee Morning

    Wed 07 Feb 2024

    A huge thank you to all of the parents who organised our Get Together today. They made the hall look so warm and welcoming for parents and our visitors from Sheffield
    University. Thank you to all who donated sweet
    treats and to those who came along too. As always,
    there was such a lovely atmosphere as we chatted
    and reminisced about our old school days and the
    school meals we had.
    We have raised £393 for Save the Children’s
    Emergency Appeal and Doctors Without Borders who
    provide doctors and medical resources in war torn
    areas including Gaza.

  • Welcome To Your Vote Week 2024

    Fri 02 Feb 2024 Inaaya Z, Inaaya S and Abdullah P (Y5)

    Today, 5 children from Field Lane School visited Fairfield School to learn about democracy as part of Welcome to Your Vote Week 2024. We met the Mayor of Kirklees and the newly appointed council leader, Cathy Scott. We also met children from different schools: Fairfield, Westmoor, BGHS and Diamond Wood Academy. We took part in some activities where we decorated a box and did a quiz. We gave a speech in front of everyone! One student at Fairfield gave a very powerful speech in which he said, ‘Just because I am bound to a wheelchair doesn’t mean I haven’t got a voice.’ We were all given badges to mark the occasion (Mr Lorgat really wanted a badge but he didn’t get one!)

  • Sports Festival at Batley sports and Tennis Centre

    Mon 29 Jan 2024 Blossoms
  • Year 5 Assembly

    Wed 24 Jan 2024 Zara and Adam

    Year 5 put on an amazing performance to showcase all that they have found out about The Early Islamic civilisation. They performed in the round to all the children in school and their parents - it was a fabulous turnout!

    Zara - It was really hard to fit everything in only a few days, especially as we were forgetting our lines. But in the end we managed to do it! I feel that we were very confident!

    Adam - We only had one week to rehearse and it was really hard. Some of us were shy to say their words, but we stood out of our comfort zone. We had to try really hard. In the end we did it! Adam

  • Y6 meet Michael Rosen

    Wed 10 Jan 2024

    As part of the 64 Million Artists January Challenge, Y6 were invited to join renowned poet, Michael Rosen for a webinar along with 200 other participants from around the world (Switzerland, India, Ireland and more). We felt very honoured to be one of only two schools to share our poems and chat to Michael who set the challenge for Day 10.


  • Young Voices

    Mon 08 Jan 2024 Fatimah Y5

    What a start to 2024! Our first day back at school was also the Young Voices Concert! After an early lunch, we put on our young voices T shirts and got onto the minibus. Ms Towers and Mrs Hirst made the journey enjoyable by talking to us all of the way. It was a fun journey. 

    When we got there, Mrs Hirst led us to our seats on Block 115. The conductor came on stage and helped us to practise our songs. We knew most of them. It was so much fun dancing to the songs. 

    Soon it was teatime and we were so hungry after all of that singing!

    Later on, the parents started to arrive. The lights went off and the stadium went dark then funky lights in different colours lit up the whole arena!

    MC Grammar and a dance squad called Urban Strides performed on stage - amazing moves! A special moment was when a young drummer, Nandi Bushell (only 13 years old), performed and was brilliant. 

    Sparkling fireworks made it even more magnificent! We did lots of singing throughout the whole concert. We got back to school just after 10pm. What an eventful day! I will definitely go again next year!


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