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The right to withdraw from RE:

Religion and belief have become more visible in public life in recent years, making it important that all young people should have an opportunity to engage in RE. However, parents/carers may request that their child be excused from all or part of the religious education (RE) provided. No reasons need be given.


Important - limitations to withdraw

  • If pupils are withdrawn from RE, schools have a duty to supervise them, though not to provide additional teaching.  A pupil may be required to work in another area of the school, such as library or break out area. 
  • Whilst parents or carers have a right to withdraw children from RE, they should note that children may also encounter religions and beliefs and wider aspects of faith in other areas of the curriculum from which there is no right of withdrawal.
  • On occasion, spontaneous questions about religious matters are raised by pupils or issues related to religion arise in other curriculum subjects such as history or citizenship (PSHE)  For example, schools promote community cohesion and help pupils to understand ideas about identity and diversity, feelings and emotions within both religious and non-religious contexts. 



Our curriculum for RE is based on the agreed Syllabus for Religious Education in Calderdale, Kirklees and Leeds (2019-2024).

This syllabus is called “Believing and Belonging” and it includes two key elements. First, it is about beliefs and values which aims to develop pupils’ understanding of world faiths and other beliefs, exploring their  similarities and differences in a multicultural world. Secondly, it is about ‘belonging’. This helps pupils’ acknowledge that others hold beliefs different to their own. It allows a child to build on their spiritual awareness and to appreciate diversity. Through learning to problem solve and evaluate and build on their thinking skills and reflect upon this, children become respectful citizens in today’s world. RE is an important subject in our school as it develops pupils’ tolerance towards different faiths and religions. RE supports children’s education in school by discussing the meaning and purpose in life, beliefs about different faiths, issues of right and wrong and what it means to be human. RE is for opening minds, not closing them.



At Field Lane, RE is taught in Early Years through real-life experiences and trips. It is also taught through Godly play sessions where children listen to a story and have time to reflect upon moral issues. It is about allowing young children to make the right decisions to be kind towards others. They also learn about their world, different faiths and celebrations through practical activities and conversations. In Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 RE is taught through discrete lessons. Throughout their time at Field Lane, the children will visit a mosque, church and at least one other place of worship.


Teachers set high expectations for all pupils. They will use appropriate assessment to set ambitious targets and plan challenging work for all groups, including:

  •   More able pupils
  •   Pupils with low prior attainment
  •   Pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds
  •   Pupils with SEN
  •   Pupils with English as an additional language (EAL)

Teachers will plan lessons so that pupils with SEN and/or disabilities can study every subject, wherever possible, and ensure that there are no barriers to every pupil achieving.

Teachers use inclusive high quality teaching to meet the needs of all pupils through an adapted curriculum

Teachers will also take account of the needs of pupils whose first language is not English. 

Further information can be found in our statement of equality information and objectives, and in our SEN policy and information report.




By following the curriculum, children will gain skills and knowledge which will allow them to enhance their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. RE is assessed, recorded and reported through activities such as discussions with pupils, listening and reflecting on stories and observations.


R.E Syllabus - Click below to open

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